2-Day Beginners' English Meditation Class, 4/20-21, IMG,TPE

Beginner’s English Meditation Class
A two-day course. Full attendance and registration is required.
The class is opened to English speakers who interested in Chan meditation practice.

The beginner’s Chan meditation class helps people understand the concepts and methods for Chan practice, learn how to relax body and mind, and experience beauty of breathing. Practitioners will then be aware of the arising and perishing of deluded thoughts, recognize the true self, and let go of self-attachment. By practicing Chan, we then begin to feel freedom from our life.

Date: April 20 and April 21, 2019
Time:09:00 – 17:00
Venue: Yun Lai Monastery
(Add. No.186, Gongguan Rd., Beitou Dist. Taipei)
Fee:Free of charge and your donation to DDM will be most appreciated

Registration Here

If you have any further questions, feel free to email to img.ddm@gmail.com
After your registration, the confirmation letter and further information will be sent by email by the time of the class.


Take red line of Taipei MRT to QiYan station.
When you get out from the exit, turn right (to the north) and walk along with Sunhe st. for around 10 minutes.
When you see the Wellcome supermarket, turn left and walk around 150 m, you will see Yun Lai Monastery on your left.

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