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Day One: Dharma of Teachings, Dharma of Mind Day Two: Looking for the Ox-Mind
Day Three: Prajna and Emptiness
Day Four: Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment
Day Five: No Gateway to Mind Dharma
Day Six: Bodhi-mind and Renunciation
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The First Paramita: Generosity
The Second Paramita: Morality
The Third Paramita: Patience
The Fourth Paramita: Diligence
The Fifth Paramita: Meditation
The Sixth Paramita: Wisdom
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The Source of Compassion
Who Is a Bodhisattva?
How to Overcome Difficulties
On Vinaya Practice
The Five Precepts
The Ten Good Deeds
The Three Sets of Pure Precepts
On Violation of the Precepts
The Four Immeasurable Minds
The Four Methods of Inducement
Participation in the World
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Setting in Motion the Dharma Wheel
The Nature of Suffering
The Origin of Suffering
The Cessation of Suffering
End of Year's Caring

In 90 R.O.C., Dharma Drum established the DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation. The foundation doesn’t discriminate between religions, and it provides financial assistance and materials which assist the public during the Chinese New Year. The organization also offers long-term counseling and care to the poor, elderly, and handicapped, in cooperation with local government and schools.

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