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1. Introduction: Chan and Buddhist Meditations
Chan and Emptiness
Meditation and the Principles for Training Body and Mind
2. The Three Disciplines in the Graduated Path of Practice
The Buddhist Precepts and Meditative Development
The Five Methods for Stilling the Mind
Developing Insight or Wisdom
3. The Direct and Sudden Approach of Chan
Chan and the Sudden Path to Enlightenment
The Use of Gong'an and Huatou
The praqctice of Silent Illumination
Prerequisites for Chan Practice
What It Means to Be a Chan Master
The Ten Oxherding Pictures
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Inquiry Into Matching Halves
Song of the precious Mirror Samadhi
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Embarking on the Practice
Overcoming Like and Dislike
Letting Go of Attachments
Unifying the Mind
Stilling Words and Thoughts
Giving Up Expectations
Beyond One Mind
Awareness of Vexations
Making Comparisons
Being Natural
Accepting All Realms
Limiting the Environment
One Dharma
The Dreaming Mind
Climbing the Crystal Mountain
Rest and Activity
Leaving No Trace
True Suchness
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Youthful Questioning
Who Was Buddha? What Is Chan?
Buddhism, Pain, and Suffering
Chan Training
Methods of Practice and Stages of Development in Chan
Enlightenment? But What Is It?
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Bodhisattva Manjusri
Bodhisattva Samantabhadra
Bodhisattva Universal Vision
Bodhisattva Vajragarbha
Bodhisattva Maitreya
Bodhisattva Pure Wisdom
Bodhisattva at Ease in Majestic Virtue
Bodhisattva Cleansed of All Karmic Obstructions
Bodhisattva of Universal Enlightenment
Bodhisattva of Complete Enlightenment
Bodhisattva Foremost in Virtue and Goodness

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