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The nature of mind is non-arising
Throughout time and space nothing is illuminated
There is nothing in front of you
No need for hard work or skill
Brightness and tranquility are just as they are
In one-mindedness there are no wandering thoughts
Don't destroy the emotions of people
Within mind there is no environment
Favor and disgrace do not change it
There are neither people nor seeing
The wisdom of stavakas and pratyekabuddhas
Do not concern yourself with anything
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The Heart Sutra
Commentary on the Heart Sutra
The way of the Bodhisattva
The Five Skandhas
The Eighteen Realms
The Twelve Links of Conditioned Arising
The Four Noble Truths
Beyond Inverted Views and Dreams
The Realization of the Buddhas
The Supreme Mantra
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Calming the Mind
The Mind King
Faith in Mind
Song of Mind
Song of Enlightenment
Inquiry into Matching Halves
Song of the Precious Mirror Samadhi
Silent Illumination
On Clear Mind
Comtemplating Mind
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1. Exposition of the Huatou Method
The Huatou Method
The Middle Way
2. Commentaries on Huatou Practice
The Essentials of Practice and Enlightenment for Beginners
An Excerpt from Impetus to Pass through the Chan Gate
Buddha Is Medicine for Sentient Beings
The Great Matter of Birth and Death
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The Practice of Silent Illumination
Master Hongzhi's Discourse:First Commentary
Master Hongzhi's Discourse:Second Commentary

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