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Let's attend the Seven-Day Retreat of Amitabha Buddha Recitation and let every Buddha's name purify our uneasy mind!

Venue: Nung Chan Monastery
Date: Dec. 27, 2014-Jan. 2, 2015.
Address: : 89, Lane 65, Daye Rd. Beitou. Taipei. 112 Taiwan.
Tel: 02-2893-3161 ext. 801~804
Do you want to find the meaning of life, seek the true self, or attain a momentary peace?

DDM sincerely invites you to join the Awakening Camp 2015 and find "who you are."

Dharma Drum Mountain English master website is now recruiting volunteers for editing English news article. We welcome anyone interested in Buddha dharma, and agreeing with Master Sheng Yen's ideas to join us.

If you are good at both of English and Chinese, especially Buddhist Chinese and English, please contact us!

Contact way: contacter@ddmf.org.tw

"The charitable are blessed; the virtuous, happy."--by Master Sheng Yen

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