Abbot President's Recent Visit To Dharma Drum Mountain In Singapore

Abbot President's Recent Visit To Dharma Drum Mountain In Singapore

On the afternoon of 10 November, 2007 over thirty disciples of Dharma Drum Mountain in Singapore gathered at Changi Airport to welcome the arrival of Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain, Venerable Guo Dong, as well as Venerable Guo Qi, Venerable Chang Chi and Vice President of General Association of Dharma Upholders, Mr Chow Wenjin.

A scrumptious dinner buffet was prepared for the night's occasion. By seven thirty in the evening, approximately eighty Buddhist disciples had already gathered at the Buddha Hall in preparation for Abbot President's Dharma talk on 'New Six Ethics Unfold the Values of Life'.

The Abbot President said that the 'New Six Ethics' is based on the concept of Spiritual Environmentalism which encompasses traditional ethics, to meet the needs of modern day people. These Six Ethics covers the family, the school campus, one's way of life, the environment, work and multiculturalism.

DDM's purpose in actively promoting the Six Ethics is to enable more people to access appropriate criterion and rules to better orientate themselves amongst the complexity of modern society.

The following morning, Venerable Guo Qi and Venerable Chang Chi led thirty disciples to practice Chan (Zen) meditation. They explained in detail the power of Chan practice, which covers how to relax the body and mind, and they also encouraged each person to generate a mind of repentance and gratitude to eliminate attachment to the ego. By doing so every individual's Chan practice will strengthen.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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