DDM Malaysia Sings of Peace and Dances with Gratitude Music Concert

DDM Malaysia Sings of Peace and Dances with Gratitude Music Concert

On the evening of 31 March 2007, a fund-raising music concert was specially hosted by Dharma Drum Mountain in Malaysia.

Music is a form of art expressed from the heart. The mere transmittance of its sweet tone can generate the effects of calming one’s mind as well as purifying one’s soul.

Venerable Ji Cheng, a consultant to the Dharma Upholder Society of DDM Malaysia, and other Venerables, including Venerable Chang Xing and Venerable Chang Yu from Dharma Drum Mountain in Taiwan, attended this worthy celebration.

In reference to DDM’s mission of ‘building a pure land on earth’, Venerable Ji Cheng reminded every participant that they must return to their original self. Only when one’s mind is purified through the practice of Chan meditation, is it then possible for the dream of ‘building a pure land on earth’ to become a reality.

After viewing a lively video presentation at the ceremony, Venerable Chang Xing discussed the topic of Spiritual Environment and reminded everyone with Master Sheng Yen’s quote, ‘Dharma Drum Mountain is the only specialized boutique for Spiritual Environmentalism.’ He continued saying that environmental consensus must first originate from our mind. This is because nowadays, the challenges encountered by human beings, are the results of an unawareness of our ‘self’ and our heavy attachments.

Venerable Chang Xing thus encouraged every participant to exercise purification of the mind based on the basic attitudes of ‘caring for others with compassion’ and ‘living with less desire’. He further added that he hopes to see every DDM chapter around the world become dharma education centers, with every activity conducted to carry the ability to educate.

DDM Malaysia’s chorus took lead of the night’s entertainment. Everyone was deeply touched with dharma joy by the enchanting voices radiating from each chorus member, as if bathing in profound enlightenment of the Dharma.

The music concert ended successfully with peace, joy and blessings all around. Everyone who attended left with gratitude in their hearts along with a booklet, titled ‘Venerable Master Sheng Yen’s 108 Adages of Wisdom’, as a gift of blessing from Dharma Drum Mountain and Venerable Master Sheng Yen.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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