DDM Seattle Propagates the Joy of Dharma

DDM Seattle Propagates the Joy of Dharma

Venerable Ji Cheng from Malaysia was invited to give a three-day dharma talk in Seattle from 12 to 14 April by DDM Seattle. Much wisdom of dharma was cultivated under the Venerable's inspirational guidance.

Initially, the Venerable expounded on the wisdom of “no self”. Thenceforth, the concepts of “self”, “true self” and “no self” were introduced through a session of Chan.

Venerable Ji Cheng also believed that Chan is the best way in orientating the mind and the body towards harmonious balance. Subsequently, “true self” is said to be found when one enters the concentrated meditative state. However, in order to attain true liberation one must leave behind the consciousness to attain “no self”.

To remain in a liberated state, it was explained that one must understand Buddha's teachings on the wisdom of “no self”. Through a facilitated Chan session, everyone was taught to relax their mind and body, aiming towards the detachment from the self – the foundation of a pure land for which DDM strives.

The three-day retreat concluded with much dharma joy and a greater understanding of the wisdom and teachings of Buddha and Venerable Master Sheng Yen.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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