Ceremony of 2008 K. T. Li Award for Outstanding Design of Economical/Social Systems and A Spiritual Dialogue Between Ven

Ceremony of 2008 K. T. Li Award for Outstanding Design of Economical/Social Systems and A Spiritual Dialogue Between Venerable Master Sheng Yen and Dr. Edgar Mitchell

By an unexpected encounter, an outstanding scientist devoted to the exploration of the relationship between mind and science is eager to conduct a spiritual dialogue with a distinguished religious master. Through Oriental and Western cultural exchange, connections between Buddhism and science could be strengthened, advancing the development of human society.

Date and Time:May 31st,2008 10:00 AM-12:30 PM

Place:National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall (Originally C.K.S. Memorial Hall) Auditorium 1F,21, Chung Shan S.Rd., Chung Cheng District,Taipei City

Organized by: Asia University

Co-organized by:
SDPS,Society for Design and Process Science
National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall
Dharma Drum Mountain Cultural & Educational Foundation

Sponsored by:Humanity Magazine

(Award) Presenter:Mr.Chou-Ming Wang           
          Director-General of The K.T.Li Institute for Digital Knowledges

(Award) Winner:Ven.Master Sheng Yen-The Founder of Dharma Drum Mountain

(Interlocutor) Host:Dr. Raymond Yeh

(Interlocutor) Guest Speakers 1:Dr.Edgar Dean Mitchell
                  The Sixth Man Walked on the Moon
(Interlocutor) Guest Speakers 2: Ven.Master Sheng Yen                          
                 The Founder of Dharma Drum Mountain

Topics for Dialogue:

Subject 1 : Universal Vibration

◎ Dr.Mitchell to share his experience of inner vibration during his journey in the space

◎ Master Sheng Yen to respond with his view on the mysteries of the universe from a Buddhist perspective

Subject 2 : Mystery of the Nature of Mind

◎ Dr.Mitchell to share his pilgrimage on the research into physical nature of human mind
◎ Master Sheng Yen to discuss about the spiritual sense of mind from the Buddhist perspective

Subject 3 : Buddha-nature :The Dawn of the future world

◎ Dr.Mitchell to explain how to change the mentality of human selfishness, prime the motivation of protecting the earth and thus creating a better future for all mankind

◎ Master Sheng Yen to share his view on the ideal of building a Pure Land on earth and on how to promote public awareness to realize such ideal of a Pure Land on earth

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