Nung Chan Monastery Celebrates Chinese New Year 2008

Nung Chan Monastery Celebrates Chinese New Year 2008

Red Chinese lanterns lined both sides of Taye Road before the entrance of Nung Chan Monastery. The lantern display resembled two red dragons welcoming the arrival of Chinese New Year 2008, which brought a festive atmosphere against a backdrop of the gray monastery walls.

Despite unpleasant weather conditions, devoted Buddhist believers came to the Samadhi Water Repentance Assembly from 8 to10 February to express their strong faith in Buddhism.

A giant novelty rat, the animal representing this Lunar calendar year, welcomed visitors at the doorway as they arrived at the festivities. Many shows were organized by the Temple between 4 and 5 February, including a traditional Chinese painting exhibition, magic show, indoor kite, Chinese flute and choral performances.

The President of Dharma Drum Buddhist College, Venerable Hui Min gave a speech on Venerable Master Sheng Yen's new "Six Ethics".

The main attraction this year was the environment themed stall in the Garden Party which taught people ways to transform everyday garbage items into artworks. Children were shown the beauty of science through games and they enjoyed the spirit of Chinese New Year by involving themselves in various activities.

The Abbot President, Venerable Guo Dong presented his artworks of Chinese calligraphy, as well as Venerable Master Sheng Yen's artworks which soon became the spotlight at the scene. Tea Chan and Flower Chan were also presented at the event.

The celebration at Nung Chan Monastery was successful due to the hard work and selfless dedication of everyone involved in making this event possible. Participants were full of peace and received blessings from Venerable Master Sheng Yen and Venerable Guo Dong, as well as all Venerables of Dharma Drum Mountain.

(article & photos contributed by Venerable Chang Lv/translted by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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