DDM Youth Camp for Cultivating Excellence

DDM Youth Camp for Cultivating Excellence

The Youth Camp for Cultivating Excellence was hosted by Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education in Jinshan Township, Taipei County, from 22 to 27 January 2007.

Over 180 youths from Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the US participated in the program. The aim of the five day camp was to cultivate outstanding youths in modern society to promote the concept of 'Protecting the Spiritual Environment'. The various activities they participated in include Chan Meditation, Creative Activities, Sharing Experiences, Group Discussions, and Meeting with Celebrities.

On 25 January, DDM invited Venerable Hui Min, the Rector of DDM and the Vice Director of Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, Lai Qingsong, the manager of Gudong Club, to attend the 'Meeting the Celebrities' session and share their wisdom and experiences.

The topic of the session was 'Three steps for success - follow the arising conditions, act according to the arising conditions and create causes and conditions'. The program's objective was to convey to the youths that although life is full of choices, one shall follow the arising conditions to decide the path of life. Once one has made a decision, one should persist along that chosen path.

Venerable Hui Min said that the continuous learning from the different phases in life enables him to understand that one's existence is dependent on other sentient beings.

He also encouraged the youths to acquire and apply knowledge in all aspects in life. The value of the self will be reaffirmed and strengthened as one passes through the different stages in life.

The second speaker, Lai Qingsong also shared his experiences. In his youthful days he felt lost and confused and only discovered himself after exploring his inner self. After retiring from his position as Deputy Manager of Homemaker's Union and Foundation he followed his love for the countryside and became a primary producer. That was when he realized that there was a long process from the grains in the paddies to the bowl of rice on the table.

Yet Lai says that he feels no regret in the path he has taken and encourages the youths to be committed in fulfilling one's role. That way one's capabilities will not go unnoticed.

Hsu Renshou, the President of Chunghwa Post Company was also invited to share his experiences on how he went with the flow of causes and conditions and became more knowledgeable.

Yang Yuxin, who is an anchor of the Buddhist Beautiful Life Television and suffers from the genetic disease Miyoshi Myopathy, also shared her experiences. Such experiences included her contemplation on the meaning of life, her thoughts about cherishing what we have. In such a short-lived life there is little time left to brood over such misfortunes and it better to let go of these vexations.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by Jessica Chow)

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