The Third International Conference on Contemporary Chinese Buddhism & Thoughts of Master Sheng Yen Receives Support

The Third International Conference on Contemporary Chinese Buddhism & Thoughts of Master Sheng Yen Receives Huge Public Response & Support

The four-day International Conference on Contemporary Chinese Buddhism and Thoughts of Master Sheng Yen opened on the morning of 28 May, 2010, at the GIS International Conference Hall of Taipei’s National Taiwan University. This conference is the third event hosted by the Sheng Yen Education Foundation, which aims to promote awareness of the words and teachings of the late Master Sheng Yen in society, to ‘uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on earth’.

Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain, Venerable Guo Dong, said at the opening session that after the relinquishment of the Master’s dharma body a year ago, monastics of the DDM Sangha Community have been cautiously and diligently reviewing themselves; ensuring that they stay in line with the teachings of the Master and making progress in their dharma practices.

Apart from the wonderful opportunity to learn the Master’s teachings, the Abbot President also asked everyone to work hard on putting into practice the Master’s ideas in society as the best way of commemorating him was to be steadfast in the attempt to purify one’s mind.

More than fifty professional theses were presented by Buddhist researchers domestically and from abroad in the four-day conference to stimulate discussion and exchange of opinions. The conference attracted more than a thousand people in the learning and sharing process, thus raising more awareness in society of Chinese Buddhism and the Master’s wisdom.

President of the Sheng Yen Foundation, Mr. Jian-Chan Shih, encouraged everyone to continue walking the Bodhisattva Path for the interest of all sentient beings. This can be done through hosting further meetings and encouraging each other to continually pass on the Master’s teachings not just after the conference but for generations to come.

(reported by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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