DDM Sydney Branch –
The Sydney Caring Event of Abbot President Guodong Fashi

DDM Sydney Branch –
The Sydney Caring Event of Abbot President Guodong Fashi

The 2018 Sydney Caring Tour of Abbot President Guodong Fashi (果東法師) began with its first event “Arising the Great Compassion”, which took place in Hornsby, at 2pm on the 15th of July.

The Hornsby centre was only recently renovated, the volunteers put their best efforts to prepare for the venue and to greet the Abbot President with sincere solemnity. Just after 1pm, many followers had already arrived at the venue. The eldest attendee was more than 80 years old, while the youngest was less than one year old. People at the event were anticipating the Abbot President’s Dharma talk and caring.

The event started with the documentary “Vows”, which was produced by the volunteers of DDM Sydney Branch. In the video, the volunteers described how they have followed the footsteps of Master Sheng Yen since 2002. Throughout the years, they have together studied, protected and promoted the Buddha Dharma, which helped to cultivate themselves as well as to benefited others. These volunteers have worked hard to help the Buddha Dharma take root and sprout in Australia.

The Abbot President then began his speech “Arising the great compassion” He humorously delivered his enlightening words, and shared many life examples with the listeners to help them better understand.

The Abbot President encouraged listeners to treasure the present moment, to establish good ties with others, and to practice the “Six Perfections” of the Bodhisattva path. It is especially important to practice the perfection of wisdom: the wisdom of non-self and detachment. When facing difficulties, one needs to switch the mind away from attachment. The Abbot President also encouraged listeners to always refer back to the Dharma. No matter what vexation arises, one needs to transform vexation into wisdom in order to benefit others. The Abbot President hoped listeners will reduce their desires, become more fulfilled, let nature run its course, be compassionate, joyful and detached. Finally, the Abbot President used the story of the bamboo basket to encourage listeners to learn more about the Buddha Dharma. When filling the basket with water, even though the water leaks away every time, the dirt is also washed away in the process. Similarly, after a person has listened to many Dharma talks and has heard a lot of Dharma content, even though they may not fully understand the Dharma, but the Dharma talks would have helped to cleanse their mind.

During the subsequent candle lighting ceremony, the Abbot President first led the followers to make their vows, to give rise to the great compassion, to pray and to make wish. Then, while chanting the name of Guanyin Bodhisattva with deep sincerity and joy, one by one, 150 followers walked to the Abbot President to light their lamps. The Abbot President also formed ties with the followers by gifting them booklets named “Words of serenity and blessing” and the knots of peace. He wished everyone “Serenity across all times, serenity across all thoughts and serenity across all encounters”. Many followers shed their tears of joy, and the event was completed in a heartfelt and thanksgiving atmosphere.

The DDM Sydney Branch has been established for 16 years, and most followers were attracted by Master Sheng Yen’s books. Followers who have been eager to seek the Buddha Dharma can deeply recognize the benefits of Master Sheng Yen’s teachings; which have also attracted their family members to practice the Dharma together. Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, were all among the many volunteers. It is very touching to see all the volunteers being self-motivated to work together to contribute their time and efforts toward this event.

Texts: DDM Sydney Branch
Photography: DDM Sydney Photography Team

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