Highlights of Guo Chii Fashi’s teaching program at DDM Sydney from 29 April to 8 May 2016

Highlights of Guo Chii Fashi’s teaching program at DDM Sydney from 29 April to 8 May 2016

Shortly after arriving in Sydney, Fashi's fully packed teaching program immediately cranked up to top gear! From chan retreat, Dharma talks and caring sessions, through to intense Dharma instrument practice sessions running four days in a row.

Guo Chii Fashi’s visit sparked the formation of our new Dharma instrument group for. We were so fresh, not really how to hold the instruments properly, let alone how to play them. Score notations for the wooden fish, chime and singing bowl were strangers to us. We started off as a happy bunch giving it a shot, not realising what we got ourselves into.

The supposedly easy and carefree session soon turned into an intensive training course over four meetings. Fashi explained that we can practice the contemplation of sound, Guanyin Bodhisattva’s method of meditation practice. Once we master the Dharma instruments, these skills will be stored deep down in our eighth consciousness forever, lifetime after lifetime. Practising "Recitation Chan" with Dharma instruments can bring peace and serenity to sentient beings, and in the process we can even enter samadhi. With the inspiration and encouragement of Fashi, members of our new DDM musical band vowed to learn, practice and master the dharma instruments.

Fashi gave us high doses of confidence boost every now and then by patiently answering our questions and repeatedly demonstrating the same melody with her amazing and beautiful voice. As a result, our happy Amitabha Buddha band was born!

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