DDM Tainan Branch Celebrates Vesak Day

DDM Tainan Branch Celebrates Vesak Day

On the morning of 5 May 2013, the Tainan Branch of Dharma Drum Mountain held a Dharma Assembly in celebration of Vesak Day.

More than 350 Tainan residents attended the assembly, which commenced with chanting of Buddhist scriptures and prayers in honor of the Buddha.

Director of the Tainan Branch, Venerable Guo Chien, said that one must always honor the Buddha and the Dharma, as well as believing in the causes and consequences for cultivating peace and a tranquil mind. In addition to the Dharma Assembly, the Branch also presented stipends to 42 financially disadvantaged students to facilitate their learning experience on campus.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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