DDMSWCF Jiaxian Visits the Christian Bethany Home in Pingtung

DDMSWCF Jiaxian Visits the Christian Bethany Home in Pingtung

The Peace of Mind Relief Station at Jiaxian District, Kaohsiung, of the DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation organized an inspirational event on 11 November, 2012, to visit the Christian Bethany Home in Pingtung, where hundreds of people with disabilities receive love of God.

Forty-seven participants joined in the activity which included 29 junior high school students and 10 DDM youth volunteers.

This purpose of the activity was to give the junior high students an opportunity to nurture their compassion, and to learn to see from a different perspective.

The success of the event was beyond the organizers’ expectations as the students learnt that life needs to be sincerely cared for, and that one should be respectful regardless of the differences in sex, age and appearance. This was achieved through working cooperatively through activities such as cleaning, drawing pictures and playing basketball.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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