Abbot President Encourages Civil Servants to Transform Their Minds

Abbot President Encourages Civil Servants to Transform Their Minds

On the morning of 19 July 2012, Abbot President Venerable Guo Dong delivered an inspirational speech to over 100 civil servants from the Public Health Department (PHD) by warm invitation of the Commissioner of New Taipei City Government, Xue-Rong Lin.

The Abbot President reminded his audience of the significance of self-reflection and the transformation of one’s mindset, encouraging individuals to actively take on additional responsibilities and bravely face up to difficulties.

He said that our vexations usually reflect our mindset. For example, we tend to scrutinize others’ errors more than our own mistakes. Suffering thus comes from nowhere else but our own vexations. If we are able to transform our mindset, we would discover that there is an alternative road, therefore eliminating our bitterness and suffering.

Venerable Guo Dong stressed that the dignity of our lives depends on how much we contribute to society and the interests of others, not on the length of our lives. The Abbot President encouraged the audience to have a positive attitude and enjoy all the flavours of the journey of life and the opportunities that it brings for growth and nurturing self-compassion.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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