Beginners' Meditation Class, 9/15-16, IMG, Taipei

Beginners' Meditation Class, 9/15-16, IMG, Taipei

“I heard that there is a Dharma method called Chan practice." “I heard that practicing Chan requires sitting in meditation." There is so much hearsay around about Chan practice. Is all about by yourself?

The Beginners' Chan Meditation Class helps people understand the concepts and methods for Chan practice, learn how to relax the body and mind, and experience the beauty of breathing.

Date: Sept. 15-16
Time: 9.00-17.00
Venue: Yun Lai Monastery (雲來寺)


Practitioners will then be aware of the arising and perishing of deluded thoughts, recognize the true self and let go of self-attachment. By learning and practicing Chan, we begin to feel freedom in our life.

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