Upcoming Faith in Mind Intensive Retreat

Faith in Mind Intensive Retreat 09/16-23

The Supreme Way
is not difficult
If only you do not pick and choose.
Neither love nor hate,
And you will
clearly understand.
Be off by a hair,
you are as far from it
as heaven and earth.

If you want it to appear,
Be neither for nor against.
For and agaist opposing each other -
This is the mind's disease.

Without recognizating the mysterious principle
It is useless to practice quietude.
The Way is perfect like great space,
Without lack, without excess.

Because of grasping and rejecting,
You cannot attain it.
Do not pursue conditioned existence;
Do not abide in aceceptance of emptiness.

In oneness and equality,
Confusion vanishes of itself.

These vivid lines begin one of the most beloved and commented upon of all Zen texts, the Hsin Hsin Ming (Faith in Mind), a sixth-century poem by the third Chan patriarch, Seng Ts’an. The poem is a masterpiece of economy. expressing the profoundest truth of the enlightened mind in only a few short pages.

On this Chan retreat, Master Chi Chern will use Faith in Mind as the basis of his Dharma talks, leading us in understanding and applying the concepts of the poem to the methods of meditation. The methods will be taught in the context of daily life activities, such as sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, working, and eating. Chanting and gentle yoga exercises further harmonize the body, breath, and mind. Master Chi Chern will also give personal interviews to provide additional guidance.More details in DDRC, NY...
NOTE: Talks will be given in Chinese with English translation.

Chi Chern Fashi, a Dharma Heir of Master Sheng Yen

Ordained by Master Zhu Mo in Penang, Malaysia, Chi Chern Fashi studied at the Fo Guang Buddhist College in Taiwan. Around 1980, he participated in several seven-day retreats and a period of fasting with Master Sheng Yen at the Institute of Buddhist Culture (Wen Hua Guan). During this time he had a profound experience. With Master Sheng Yen’s confirmation, he returned to Malaysia to teach meditation.
He received transmission from Master Sheng Yen in 1985, becoming his first Dharma heir. Chi Chern Fashi is currently the principal of the Malaysian Buddhist Institute, and is one of the most respected meditation teachers in Malaysia and Singapore.

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