Question: When We Hear Bad News We Feel Very Sad and Good News We Are Excited.

Question: When we hear bad news we feel very sad

When we hear bad news we feel very sad, but when we get good news we are excited. However, you said that when we are walking or breathing, we should be filled with joy every minute. There seems to be some contradiction here.


When problems occur, only people who are completely enlightened can remain compassionate and yet free from vexations; ordinary people would have emotional fluctuations. It is perhaps impossible for us to have no sadness or excitement, but since what happened has already happened, we can only use the methods to divert out emotions, so as not be overly sad or excited. If we can transform our emotions into just a trace of joy or thread of sorrow, we will not suffer from their after effects. Experiencing the sensation of walking and breading is only one method, and the purpose is to adjust the mind. However, this method is not something you can do at one try, it requires repeated practice


Liberated in Stillness and Motion, pp 61-63

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