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Topics: The difference between Buddha and God

The difference between Buddhism and Christianity is that Buddha is a believer’s “teacher”, while God is the believer’s “master”.
"In Buddhism, "sin" is the bad karma one brings from one's past lives since beginningless time; it reflects the idea of causality, or cause and effect. To eliminate our karma and change our fate, we are supposed to follow the Buddha's teachings and practice accordingly, and that is the way to achieve salvation or redemption. More on the difference between Buddha and God

The Methods of Meditation

Sitting meditation is not only a method of Chan practice but also the best way to calm the mind and achieve meditative concentration.

As per the methods, mindful breathing simply requires us to be aware of our breathing without controlling it, and will naturally bring forth a clear and calm mind.

You can meditate counting your breath or reciting the Buddha’s name. The best time to meditate is when you are energetic and emotionally stable, ideally in the early morning.

Sitting meditation facilitates equanimity of mind. We can approach meditation with different postures, in which the full cross-legged position helps circulate our energy the best. It is not the must, though.

Everybody can try the methods we have introduced, especially the mindful breathing. If making it a habit, it is better to learn with an experienced teacher, not TV, books or radio. Teachers instruct learners according to their own situation. For children, they should not meditate more than fifteen minutes. For senior citizens, it is ok to meditate as long as they are in good health. More on the methods of meditation

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