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The Drum Team of DDM Vancouver

When in the summer of 2009, two volunteers kindly donated twenty drums to Dharma Drum Mountain in Vancouver (DDM Vancouver), Venerable Guo Shu, encouraged by the Director of DDM Vancouver, formed a drum-playing group - the Drum Team of DDM Vancouver.

With the help of the instructor, Mrs. Shu-Yu Lee from Taiwan, the team has been inspired by Mrs Lee’s active vigor and enthusiasm. Despite the differences in age between members, their wholehearted and single-minded attitude throughout the five-month training period embodied the spirit of Chan (Zen) taught by DDM Vancouver’s monastics.

The team made their debut playing at the 2009 end of year party and their long-term effort and commitment clearly paid off. The performance won over 200 attendees with a big standing ovation and prompted Venerable Guo Shu to officially proclaim the group, “The Drum Team” of DDM Vancouver.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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