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Infinite Sky, Boundless Ocean, Endless Sand

On September 20, about twenty people from CMC went to the beach at Jacob Riis Park in Jamaica Bay, Queens to practice walking meditation. Chang Wen Fashi guided a meditation walk along the water and direct contemplation practice.

To begin, we walk and try to concentrate our attention on the basic movements of walking; we can focus on whatever aspect that is most easily recognized.

Eventually, as distractions lessen, our concentration may become more relaxed and gentle until we are able to walk mindfully in a very natural and calm way.

A significant aspect of our practice is to bring awareness into the ordinary activity of walking. By bringing our mindful walking practice into public view, we learned to become comfortable with incorporating meditation practice into everyday life.

After the walking meditation, we were invited to explore the nearby area and find an object with which to practice direct contemplation. This is a practice where the meditator looks at an object and contemplates on it without labeling.

We thank Chang Wen Fa Shi, Chang Ji Fa Shi, Guo Chuan Fa Shi and Chang Min Fa Shi for taking the time to guide us through the afternoon.

(Report by Allen & Lydia)

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