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Buddhist Meditation Course 101 with Venerable Guo Jun

During the August and September months, DDM Sydney ran for the first time, a unique meditation course titled 'Buddhist Meditation Course 101' led by Venerable Guo Jun. This course was a series of four 3-hour lessons designed for beginners interested in learning meditation.

Each lesson progressively unveiled the distinct DDM style of Eight Form Moving Meditation, how to do sitting meditation and self-massage after sitting. Venerable Guo Jun intuitively adapted the course to suit the needs and style of the Western culture. For example coming up with names that encapsulated the process of relaxation of the body called 'Body Scan'; or showing an easy way to remember how our arms should be when our shoulders are relaxed during, sitting he taught the self-check of the 'Embracing Posture' to name a few. Amongst the tips of what to do and what not to do, he emphasized the importance of relaxation, and warned us not to confuse relaxation with laziness, nor to mistake the Buddhist practice of concentration with exertion and pressure.

The focus of this Meditation Course emphasized on relaxation of both body and mind, resonated in many students as it was not only relatable for everyday people to understand but the teaching was also delivered with such wit and charisma.

With an initial thirty one students enrolled in Course 101, eighteen have now enrolled themselves into 'Buddhist Meditation Course 102' to be held in 2009. The Venerable has set community service as part of the prerequisite for 101 students to enroll into Course 102, specifically to teach students that Buddhism is not just about bettering ourselves but that it is equally important to give back to others and society.

The Buddhist Council of New South Wales had kindly offered their venue for DDM to conduct the course, the president of Buddhist Council, Mr. Brian White has expressed his full support in future activities by DDM and the Venerable, as he found the course to be the first of its kind in teaching Buddhism with an innovative approach.

(by DDM Sydney)

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