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The 2008 Youth Growth Camp in Vancouver, Canada

Dharma Drum Mountain at Vancouver, Canada, hosted the 2008 Youth Growth Camp between 22 and 24 August. This event was led by Venerable Guo Shu, Venerable Chang Yi and Venerable Chang Xing and provided an excellent opportunity for young people to learn more about Chinese Chan (Zen), in particular the real meaning of Chan and methods of Chan practice.

During this 3-day event, Venerable Chang Yi taught students how to relax their mind using methods such as Chan meditation and Eight Form Moving meditation. Through these methods, students gained a better understanding of their inner-self and develop an appreciation for inner peace.

Venerable Chang Xing, who had just returned from the earthquake-stricken region of Sichuan in China, shared with students what he had learned and experienced there.

Venerable Chang Xing said that he shared the same feeling of enormous pain and sorrow that families of quake-affected victims feel and more importantly, that life is 'really' impermanent. Venerable Chang Xing encouraged all to grasp every moment of life and contribute to society compassionately.

Venerable Guo Shu taught students that our surroundings do not exist 'naturally' but arise as a result of many causes and conditions. Therefore, if we could be more humble and show gratitude to our surroundings, ignorance and arrogance would not arise from our minds. We would be able to develop a sense of inner peace, becoming more compassionate and able to contribute positively to society even in adverse situations.

On the last day, all participants promised to meet again next year and made a vow to do their best to assist people in need in the future.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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