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Dharma Joy in May at DDM HK

May 1 (Thursday) session on Earth Treasury Bodhisattva (Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha):

At 2: 00 pm, groups of fellow practitioners and their families came to join the session at the meditation hall of Hong Kong DDM centre. They were led by Guo Xu Fashi and Guo Jing Fashi, who were invited to come to Hong Kong for the occasion.

About 200 practitioners chanted the "The S?tra of The Great Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva", in commemoration of the filiael piety of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva towards his mohter. Guo Xu Fashi shared her personal experience with us and Guo Jing Fashi led the group chanting. The session was full of decorum and joy. All the participants were filled with happiness and the wonderful ceremony was brought to a successful completion.

May 4 (Sunday) Buddha's Birthday:
On that day, two Fashis led a group of about 200 practitioners to chant "Namo root teacher Sakyamuni Buddha". They calmly abided in the chanting sounds of the holy name of Buddha and took turn to pour pure water on the Buddha statute. Everyone was absorbed in doing so and was deeply moved. Apart from the ceremony, DDM Hong Kong centre provided opportunities to all the practitioners for giving offerings to the Sanga and to make offerings of flowers, delicacy and fruits.

May 4 (Sunday) Ceremony of Taking Refuges in the Three Jewels:
On that day, the ceremony started off with the watching of the DVD teaching of Shifu on "Taking Refuges in the Three Jewels and the Five Precepts". There were 15 male and 6 female practitioners who took refuges. All the participants changed "Namo Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin" and Guo Xu Fashi and Guo Jing Fashi put on each of them a pendant with the picture of Buddha. The ceremony symbolized the "registration" of the participants as students of Buddhism with the intent of benefiting all the sentient beings. The scene was full of decorum and peacefulness. Many family members of the practitioners who took the precepts shed tears. This was probably due to the gratefulness and happiness arising from the witnessing of their precious ones following the Buddhist path.

The Kindness and Compassion of Madam Wang Xin Mei:
Madam Wang Xin Mei sponsored all the required computer equipments of the Sangha University in Taiwan so that the University would be endowed with better educational resources for the training of monastic talents with the intent of benefiting all the sentient beings. On that day, Guo Xu Fashi and Guo Jing Fashi, who acted on behalf of Shifu, expressed thanks to Madam Wang for her kindness and compassion. A copy of "Ten Verses Sutra of Guan Yin for Prolonging Longevity" was presented to Madam Wang. DDM Hong Kong also donated a statue of Wishing Fulfilling Guan Yin to Madam Wang to express thanks to her support given to their work.

(contributed by DDM Hong Kong)

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