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DDM HK's Compassionate Works in February & March

February 9 2008 – New Year Blessing of the Buddha

"Happy New Year! Wish that peace make everyone at ease in living. We also pray for the turning of the Dharma Wheel." On the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, 105 practitioners gathered at the branch office of HKDDM for season's greeting.

Everyone was delighted to exchange good blessing and to welcome the year of the Rat. After blessing from Chan Kowk-wah, the Blessing of the Buddha ceremony was held. We started by listening to Shifu's DVD on season's greeting and teachings. Besides, the branch office organized a donation of "Offering warmth to the Mainland China in snowy weather" for assisting the poor who were suffering in the snowstorm. Many practitioners put their red packets into the merit box.

This shows that the practitioners have a sincere heart for contributing to those who suffered. (This function raised a total amount of HK$12,637.50). After the Blessing of the Buddha ceremony, everyone proceeded to the lecture hall and enjoyed the delicious vegetarian dishes that were prepared by the catering volunteers. The New Year festival event came to an end in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

February 16 2008 – Brief Introduction to Taking the Bodhisattvas Precepts

Those who joined the 13th ceremony for taking the Bodhisattvas Precept were ready to go! In order to share the joyful experience of the Dharma with those who had prepared to join this event at DDM Taiwan, Lau Po-yuk of Care-giving Group invited those who had taken the precepts last year to share with us their feelings. When we see from the photo here that all of the participants showed signs of victory with cheerful smiling faces we understand that this introductory talk was very successful.

February 16 2008 – New Year Chanting of the Great Compassion Mantra

That night was auspicious! There were over one hundred participants chanting in front of the Buddha for repentance of those evil deeds that we have done in the past and praying for the rising of a sincere and boundless Bodhi intention! Coincidentally four monks from far away came to join our Chanting of the Great Compassion Mantra. Afterwards, Master Chao (who is in charge of DDM Choir in Hong Kong) led the Choir to sing a song on the Heart Sutra. Under her guidance, we all felt a wonderful experience of chanting the Heart Sutra together. How great are the merits!

February 23 2008 – Weekend Leisure Vegetarian Cooking Class

Nowadays, it is trendy to prepare fusion vegetarian cuisine, why don't the Great Chefs of our branch follow this trend? 30 female participants gathered together at the lecture hall to learn from Chen Chi-mian of the Catering Group. She demonstrated her skills in preparing good dishes. In order not to miss any steps, all the participants had to watch and listen carefully. After the demonstration, it was their turn to cook a dish of vegetarian eel fish which was not oily but delicious. Those attendees who had tasted the end product enjoyed the food very much and were all very pleased with their hard work. We believed that our Catering Group would recruit many new members in the near future so that they will prepare a lot of outstanding meals to 'enlighten' us!

February 25 2008 – Visitors from the Education Institute

One of Shifu's Great Vows is to rejuvenate Buddhism! On February 25th, 16 young teachers under training at the Education Institute came to visit our branch office. First of all, we watched the VCD of Great Dharma Drum together. The VCD covered the DDM opening ceremony in the year of 2005. In this way the visitors were introduced to the principles, history and prospect of DDM. Then, Man hai-lam led the practice of the Eight Form of Dharma Drum Moving Chan. At last, Kwok Wing-on shared his valuable life experience with everyone and presented his views on how to make progress on the Bodhi path. The event brought enormous benefits to the young teachers under training.

(Article & photos are contributed by DDM HK)

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