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DDM HK Dedicates to the Share of Dharma Joy and Wisdom

Group Chanting Session on January 25 2008

Chang Yue Fashi came to join the Friday group practice session and shared with us her thoughts on the Liberation Assembly of Water of Land. The Liberation Assembly of Water and Land is a major event of Dharma Drum Mountain which was greatly assisted by modern audio-visual technology.

Fashi said that from the beginning when Shifu vowed to undertake the organization of such an event to its completion, there were many difficulties. Thanks to the diligent contributions from the entire assembly of Fashis and volunteers, all the obstacles were overcome.

After Fashi’s sharing, participants watched the VCD prepared for the assembly. All the participants were moved by the touching scenes. They also listened to the background tune of ‘Ode to the Mountain Drum’ and ‘The Acts of Bodhisattvas’. The impacts of such sounds and images were so great that the audience felt like being present at the scene. Finally, Fashi handed out packets of peace-giving rice to all the participants for blessing.

Meditation Training Session for Foxconn Ltd. on January 6 2008

Foxconn Limited is a Taiwanese funded company located in the Industrial City of Shen Zhen. Among the staff of the company, there are about 2,000 cadre who came from Taiwan. Wang Chuan Hong, who is one of the senior Taiwanese staff, participated in the elite meditation retreat of Dharma Drum Mountain before and had a strong feeling for the advantages of doing meditation.

He sincerely hoped that the joy of meditation could be shared by the colleagues in his company. He also wanted to introduce the Dharma Drum Mountain to them. On that day, Kwok Wing On, Lee Tin Yan and Sit Lik Hoi came to the company offices in Shen Zhen and led a training session for 25 participants.

The average age of the participants is 40 years old. There were both male and female participants. Kwok Wing On was responsible for leading the training session. Due to the time limit of 3 hours, there were some adjustments to the class arrangement. Emphasis was placed on the basic sitting posture for meditation, eight forms of moving meditation as well as walking meditation. Both theory and practice of meditation were explained and demonstrated. All the participants took active part in the event and gave positive feedback. At the end of the class, there was sharing session among group members. They expressed the wish that more opportunities should be made available to them for pursuing their meditation practice in future.

Year End Thanks-giving and Sharing Session on January 13 2008

What a rare chance! On that day about 60-70 experienced pusas and followers gathered in the Dharma Hall of Dharma Drum Mountain. They watched the DVD on highlights of the major events in the past year and Shifu’s teachings. After the event, there was sharing session among the participants. The group members shared their valuable experience and views on the events that they took part in the past year. Finally, all participants proceeded to the lecture hall and enjoyed the vegetarian dishes prepared by our catering volunteers. All the participants were filled with Dharma joys!

(The article and photos are contributed by DDM HK)

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