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DDM Malaysia Launches Fundraising Campaign for Chan Meditation Center

The year 2007 could be regarded as the "fundraising campaign year" for the Chan Meditation Center. Following the success of the event "Singing with Peace, Dancing with Gratitude" on 31 March 2007, further fundraising activities were held by DDM Malaysia to raise money for the Center.

The event, "Thousand People Thousand Dollars; Thousand People Thousand Wishes", was held at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center on 22 and 23 June 2007. It was specifically timed to coincide with the performance of the Buddhist opera, "Living in the Fullest Life".

The opera was co-produced by renowned Malaysian director Ms. Her Linghui and Buddhist music composer Ms. Huang Huiyin. DDM Malaysia proudly sponsored two shows in order to propagate Dharma Drum Mountain's ideas about compassion through the performance of inspirational Buddhist tales.

DDM Malaysia invited Ms. Huang to compose a song for Venerable Master Sheng Yen's "The Common Endeavor of Buddhists". As a gesture of good will, copies of the song on CD were given out as a free gift at the event.

The convener of DDM Malaysia, Tiong Piow Lim, served as the master of ceremony. DDM Malaysia also invited Chou Wenjin, the Vice President of Dharma Upholders Society, and his wife Ms. Tsai from Taiwan to attend the performances and to give their blessings to the event.

DDM Malaysia's shows included "Reincarnation", "Buddha and Rahula", "The Sixth Patriarch Huei-neng", and "The Compassionate Appearance". As part of the campaign to raise public awareness about the compassionate ideas of Dharma Drum Mountain and Venerable Master Sheng Yen, videos of the Dharma talks given by the latter were screened during the interval between shows.

Venerable Chang Xing once said at the fundraising activity "Singing with Peace, Dancing with Gratitude…we shall always bless everyone with peace, happiness and health."

DDM Malaysia wishes to express its sincerest gratitude for the generosity of all those who contributed donations, and is confident that the Chan Meditation Center could soon be established to foster and successfully develop the Spiritual Environment in Malaysia.

(translated by Lin Liting/edited by Jin Yang & DDM Australia Editing Team)

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