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DDM Singapore’s Dharma Talks Attracts Many

After much preparation, DDM Singapore hosted Dharma Talks over two days on the 9 and 10 March 2007.

Presented by Venerable Ji Cheng, each talk drew crowds of almost 700 people to attend. The two Dharma Talks were amongst the largest scaled Dharma Talks in recent years following Venerable Master Sheng Yen’s visit in 2004.

On the topics of “Happy Life” and “Chan and Love”, Venerable Ji Cheng expressed his hope for the participants to fully understand the reasons for learning the Dharma and to realize the meaning and advantages in doing so. Through these, people can then recognize the Dharma as an integral part of life in distinguishing right from wrong.

Before the Dharma Talk commenced on the second day, Venerable Ji Cheng led a group of around 50 participants in a Chan meditation session. Participants not only found the meditation calming and beneficial, they also came to appreciate the importance of maintaining a clear mind for optimum Dharma learning and daily living.

(Translated by Jin Yang/edited by Gloria Wong)

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