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Dharma Talk in Sydney

Venerable Guo Jian gave a talk on 'The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination' to the members of DDM Sydney on 17 February 2007.

The talk was delivered in Mandarin with English interpretation. The Venerable explained that the twelve links are the stages that an individual experiences through the samaric cycle of birth and death over a continuum of life times.

He further taught the members to break the chain of existence by practising precepts, meditation and wisdom. Many examples were given to illustrate that cessation of ignorance and vexation will bring an end to the cycle of birth and death, and eventually lead to liberation.

Members were encouraged to keep on practising because the methods can help one deal with situations and interact with others in one's daily life, even if one does not become liberated yet.

To the delight of Venerable Guo Jian, many young people attended the talk and they responded with many probing questions, such as the self, no-self and discriminating mind.

The talk was attended by 30 people and was followed by a potluck gathering lunch. As the day fell on Chinese New Year's Eve, members happily took home red packets filled with rice that was blessed by the Venerable.

(The article/photos are contributed by Agnes Chow in Sydney)

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