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Melbourne 2550 Buddha Image Exhibition

Dates: 26 February to 4 March 2007

One of the largest displays of Buddha images ever seen in Australia has been assembled to celebrate 2550 years of Buddhism. The Exhibition showcases an extensive array of compassionate images of Buddha, Bodhisattvas and other Buddhist traditional iconographies. These images will provide an insight into the religious, historical and cultural aspects of Buddhism in Australia.

The people of Melbourne will have a unique opportunity to appreciate the 2550 thousand pieces of the Buddhist faith. They will have ample opportunities to participate a variety of activities including Dharma talks, meditation sessions, Chinese New Year blessings, art lessons and demonstration.

Dharma Drum Mountain Melbourne Branch is giving its support on this worthy project and Linda Marett is devoting a great deal of her time to attend the steering committee meetings.

All Buddhist traditions will be represented in this exhibition and all have generously contributed to this event in fund, and man-hours. They have also loaned Buddha sculptures, paintings, other Buddhist images, iconography and other precious objects for display.

Some of these invaluable pieces showcase the characteristics of the various traditions and some are of aesthetic, and artistic beauty and/or character. An interesting object might tell a fascinating story as it passed down from master to student, or it might be an object of devotion, protection or historical importance.

On the 26 Jan, the committee organised a fund-raising dinning function to raise money for this project. Many DDM members attended this function. During his speech, Melbourne Lord Mayor John Su emphasised the importance of racial harmony in a multi ethnic communities and encouraged religious activities like this 2550 Buddha images exhibition to promote religious tolerance amongst its inhabitants from all parts of the world. Linda had the honour to make a slide presentation to the dinners about this event.

DDM members were delighted to note her contribution to this exhibition and we said a silent prayer to thank our Founder and Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen for his foresightedness in encouraging multi-faith dialogue to forge peace in the world.

(Reported by Chiew shin-yee in Melbourne. 22 Jan 2007.)

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