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DDM Commemorates its Fifth Anniversary in Seattle

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Dharma Drum Mountain in Seattle, Venerable Guo Shu, Prior of DDM in Vancouver, led a series of activities from 4 to 5 November 2006, inviting people to cleanse their hearts and purify their minds.

On 4 November thirty members participated in the One-Day Chan Meditation. The activity began at 8:30am and all participants were required to observe noble silence.

The members practiced the Dharma Drum Eight-Form Moving Meditation to relax their bodies and bring their mind back to the present moment. During the practice, Venerable Guo Shu kept reminding the participants to be aware of their every movement and relax themselves. Venerable Guo Shu explained that the Dharma Drum Eight-Form Moving Meditation is not only a form of physical exercise but also a form of practice whereby participants are aware of the basic technique and spirit of Chan meditation - 'wherever the body is, the mind is there'.

Venerable Guo Shu also mentioned that the commitment and support of DDM upholders in Seattle has brought about this successful One-Day Chan Meditation event. On this day, we have an appointment with our self and we let go of everything that is happening in the external environment: we do not to speak to others or our self. All the participants are very supportive and positive about the program.

On the morning of 5 November, Venerable Guo Shu led the Great Compassion Chanting and Blessing Ceremony which was attended by about fifty members. During the Dharma talk, the Fashi explained that the Great Compassion Mantra is only effective if one chants with a compassionate heart and encouraged the members to practice diligently.

Expanding on the theme of 'Protecting the Spiritual Environment', Venerable Guo Shu explained the concepts of the Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign as advocated by the Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen. Venerable Guo Shu encouraged participants to deal with difficult situations in life with the following mind set:'Face it, Accept it, Deal with It and Let go of it'.

A tea party was held in the afternoon to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary in DDM Seattle and was honored with the presence of Director General of Taiwan's Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle, Mr Robert C.M.Chen, and Director of Cultural Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle, Mr Andrew Lin.

Director General Robert Chen said that whilst everyone works towards global peace, it could only be achieved if one is at peace with oneself. He expressed his gratitude to the DDM members Seattle for their efforts in developing peace within oneself and thereby maintaining harmony with the society. Director Lin also thanked DDM for establishing a pure land in Seattle where people can learn to uplift their character.

(Tranlslated by Jin Yang/Edited by Agnes Chow)

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