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Melbourne DDM Office Bearers Handover Ceremony

Many visiting Fashi's were duly impressed by the DDM facility in Melbourne. It has a huge backyard with far reaching view of the surrounding area. The building has an entrance hall, which serves as the meeting room and library. There are dormitory beds for participants in lived-in retreats. Melbourne members are blessed to enjoy such facility in their pursue of the DDM visions and personal realisation.

Melbourne members are grateful to Alan and Laura Chan for providing the property for the exclusive use of the members. So the members organised a surprise meeting to thank them for their effort and contributions. Alex and other members made a special effort to design and make a special plaque to commemorate their charitable acts. An informal dinner was organised and members enjoyed leisure time with the Fashi's. We thanked Shifu and the DDM Foundation for dispatching the Fashi's to Australia so that we could learn the Buddha Dharma through their teachings and informed discussion.

Laura thanked all DDM Supporters and Friends in the Dharma for the thoughtful arrangement and the surprise gift. She also praised the volunteers and helping hands who performed various domestic and gardening duties inside the meditation hall and the garden.

On behalf of members and participants of this retreat, she thanked the two Fashi's for their time and effort to run this retreat and the refute ceremony when many members and participants reaffirmed their commitment to the three gems with a clear mind and faculty. This would be a memorable occasion for others that took refuge for the first time.

Guo Yuan and Chang Wen Fashi's presided over the ceremony following the successful conclusion of the 5 day retreat. Members also took this unique opportunity to officially hand over the official duties to the newly elected office bearers at the last Annual General Meeting. The Fashi's congratulated them and bestowed upon them their blessings

Our heartiest congratulations to the following persons on their election to fulfilled the following positions in Melbourne DDM committee.

Paco - President of the Association

Jane Chen - Vice-President

Tess Hu - Convenor of the Committee.

Jack Chen, Charles Huang, Lin Chan and Ann Lui - Vice-Convenors.

The out-going President, Laura Chan, expressed her gratitude for the support and contributions, and reminded everyone that we must walked hand in hand in upholding DDM missions, ideals and goals. Laura encouraged everyone to lent their support to the new Committee.

The gift was custom-made by some members. The picture showed Guo Yuan and Chang Wen Fashi's with Alan and Laura Chan.

(Reported by Shin-Yee Chiew in Melbourne.15 Jan 2007)

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