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Life in Chan Contemplation: From Plight to Bright Perspective, Public Talk by Venerable Guo Guang at DDM Vancouver

In the afternoon of Aug. 12th, at the invitation of Dharma Drum Vancouver Center, current Director-in-Chief Venerable Guo Guang delivered a talk on "Life in Chan Contemplation", sharing how Buddha dharma has enriched her life. Whenever she was at a turning point in hard times, she would re-examined herself with a Chan perspective, and often had come to discover a brighter side of life. Her relaxing and humorous way of talking filled the Center with laughter, constantly. Each word and every part of her sharing was full of sincerity, love, and wisdom based on solid experience, leaving a deep impression in 110 participants’ minds.

Name is the first label in a person's life. From her birth name to the dharma name after her ordination, Ven. Guo Guang used detailed examples in daily life to explain her internal transformation through dharma practices little by little. Conversations with her father as well as those with Master Sheng Yen revealed how sharp her contemplation had been on her own trivial thoughts. She also shared with the audience some words of wisdom from the Platform Sutra and ancient Chan Masters on how to broaden our views on all matters and realize the infinite potential of the mind.

Venerable Guo Guang further wholeheartedly shared her reflections of journey as a Bhikkhuni through various roles, as an editor of DDM Publishing Corp, former Executive Secretary of Master Sheng Yen, a faculty member in Sangha Education, as well as the current Director-in-Chief of DDM Administration Center. She openly acknowledged going through many gloomy struggles on this path. However, the Venerable emphasized that the most important thing in life is to “be mentally aware”. The root problem of any vexations reacting to external impacts or any inner conflicts is the insufficient understanding of Buddha dharma. With a change in perspective, life is filled with joy and every impact in life has its meaningful purpose. It is like a special, exclusive, and cherished scene that no one else could see.

There were precious old photos capturing the moments of her growth and studies. Although the Venerable’s way of speaking was seemingly light and casual, the exchange was, in fact, true and sincere from the bottom of her heart. Her sharing was unconditional, full of love and caring, and beyond words.

At last, Venerable Guo Guang’s wish for Dharma Drum Mountain is to be a practice-oriented organization. All of the Venerables and laypeople should uphold themselves as a part of the practice while we propagate Chinese Chan Buddhism with great dedication to bring blessings and wisdom home.

Texts: Vancouver Center 2017/08/13
Translation: Elenda Huang
Editor: Christine Huang (Canada), Angela Chang (Canada)

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