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2016 Bathing the Buddha Ritual and Refuge-Taking Ceremony

(May the merit, virtue and wisdom gained from bathing the Tathagata release all sentient beings in the Five Turbidities from defilements and aspire the pure Dharma-body of the Tathagata)

On May 21, 2016, more than 400 devotees attended the Bathing the Buddha and Refuge-Taking ceremony at Dharma Drum Mountain, Malaysia branch. The peaceful, solemn and joyful ambiance of this morning ceremony was nothing less than heart-warming.

As this ceremony was held to celebrate Buddha’s birth anniversary, many devotees brought their family members along to show gratitude for the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha. Moreover, they hoped to be able to purify their body and mind by participating in the Bathing the Buddha Ritual.

On this special occasion, Venerable Chang Zao (常藻), director of Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia Center, blessed 54 devotees who received the Three Jewels and Five Precepts to be disciples of the Buddha. Venerable Chang Zao indicated that it takes special cause and condition to be able to take refuge on Buddha’s birth anniversary as this symbolizes the birth of Dharmakaya. She also advised all devotees to strive in training our mind and body, thereby learning Buddha’s wisdom and compassion.

Lin Kuoming, one of the devotees, indicated that being able to attend Bathing the Buddha Ceremony in DDM with family members was a blessing; he was grateful for the opportunity to learn the dharma and to be a disciple of the Buddha; he vowed to participate in future activities organized by DDM so that he could continue to learn the Dharma.

After the ceremony, service supervisor, Ven. Chang Zun (常尊), introduced devotees to the new illuminating lamps which is as a new milestone in electronics. These illuminating lamps are used in response to environment protection in line with Go Green! As such Ven. Chang Zun urged devotees to reserve these illuminating lamps for use on special occasions such as praying for the well-being of all sentient beings.

Upon completion of Bathing the Buddha Ritual, the venerable distributed peach-shaped birthday cakes and souvenirs to the devotees before adjourning to a vegetarian lunch prepared by volunteers.
Bathed in the illuminating light of the Buddha, may our society be blessed with peace.

Reported by Chang Fongjhih(張鳳枝)
Photography by Chen Shanpei, Li Syuancyuan (陳善沛、李選全)
Translated by Frances Liu (劉珮如)
Edited by Leefah Thong

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