National Chef Master A-Chi Endorses the Six Ethics of Mind

On the evening of 30 June, 2011, at the invitation of Dharma Drum Humanities and Social Improvement Foundation (DDHSIF), a renowned Taiwanese chef, Master A-Chi (Mr Yen-Chi Cheng), visited Dharma Drum Degui Academy in Taipei City.

His liveliness and great sense of humor impressed everyone who was present and filled the evening with laughter.

The 58-year-old Chef Master A-Chi admitted that because of a life of hardship he experienced during childhood, he received very little education.

However he does not resent this – despite receiving no support from his family, he gained recognition for his cooking skills through his own perseverance and vision.

Chef Master A-Chi drew parallels between his cooking and life – he surmised that “knowing how to cook is like knowing how to live – comparing main meals, appetizers or seasoning spices, each has their own place where they belong and an appropriate time when they come into play.

One needs to live ethically and be humble in one’s attitude towards others and the world, accumulating karma and striving to create a pure living environment.”

In addition to sharing his experiences in cooking and his own philosophy of life, Chef Master A-Chi promised the Secretary General of DDHSIF, Dr Shen-I Lee to be one of endorsers of the ‘Six Ethics of Mind’ that the late Venerable Master Sheng Yen had actively propagated for the peace and harmony of society.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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