DDSU Gives Its 2011 Thesis Presentation

On 26 June, 2011 (Sunday), Dharma Drum Sangha University (DDSU) organized its yearly thesis presentation event for the graduating class of year 2011.

The event started at 8.50AM and lasted till 9.00PM with three consecutive sessions (morning, afternoon and evening) at the Classroom 101 of Building III.

Each session consisted of three students presenting their final year (4th year) thesis work with a total of nine students from the Department of Buddhist Studies.

The Abbot of Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) cum the President of DDSU, Venerable Guo Dong, initiated the event with an aspiring speech recognizing the great work done by the students as well as the richness of their thesis.

The Venerable Abbot also encouraged the students with the motto of DDSU- Compassionate, Wisdom, Peace and Respect, to apply in their thesis work as well as in their daily life.

Also presence were both the Male and Female Vice President of DDSU, Venerables and teachers from DDSU and various departments of DDM, fellow students from Dharma Drum Buddhist College (DDBC), a lecturer from Taipei Art University and family members of a student.

In general, the topics of the morning, afternoon and evening sessions can be briefly categorized as “understanding the meaning of life and death”, “deepening the studies in sutras” and “sharing the essence of Shifu’s (the late venerable Master Sheng Yen) morning meal speeches and letters”, respectively.

The event was concluded with a speech and encouragement given by the Female Vice-President cum the Head of Academic Affair of DDSU, Venerable Guo Guang.

She expressed a great sense joy and relief with the determination and hard work shown by the students in preparing their thesis as well as their presentation.

She also thanked the Venerables and teachers from various departments, as well as fellow students for their time and efforts in making this event a success.

(by Dharma Drum Sangha University)

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