Dharma Drum Transmission Day Held Across the World

Dharma Drum Transmission Day--Transmitting the Light of Dharma, the Wisdom of Buddhism: A Day to Commemorate the Teachings of Chan Master Sheng Yen

In order to transmit and share with others Master Sheng Yen’s Chan teaching, 29 affiliated groups in the US and Europe will together hold a one-day or half-day retreat during the weekend of Dharma Drum Transmission Day (2/12~13).

Other than Chan Meditation Center and Dharma Drum Retreat Center in New York, DDMBA chapters and branches in the USA and Canada, Chan practice communities led by Master Sheng Yen’s dharma heirs, John Crook, Simon Child and Gilbert Gutierrez will participate in this activity as well.

In this special retreat, we will listen to Shifu’s lectures on DVD and receive a book of Shifu’s as a gift. Those gift books are Complete Enlightenment, Dharma Drum, Faith in Mind, The Poetry of Enlightenment, Getting the Buddha Mind, and The Sword of Wisdom.

***Please refer to the attached file below and download it for details.  

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