DDM Winter Camp for Youths starts at National Chi Nan University

From 19 January 2011, a five-day winter camp for youths organised by Dharma Drum Young Buddhist Society (DDYPS) was initiated at National Chi Nan University in central Taiwan, Nantou County. A total of 853 youths aged from 18 to 35 living locally and overseas, including Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau, participated in the event.

According to the DDYPS, the event aimed at enabling youths to relieve stress and let go of vexations through Chan meditation, encouraging them to embrace spiritual contentment to find true peace and happiness.

Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain, Venerable Guo Dong, made his opening remarks by saying that today the will to seek spiritual contentment is far less than pursing material pleasure. Whereas, according to the Dharma, a person’s role in this life is to fulfill old vows and make new ones. One should therefore strive to learn and contribute to the world with a humble mind. The Abbot President encouraged all youths to have no fear of the difficulties and commit to the interests of sentient beings.

The Founder of Acer Group, Mr. Stan Shih (Zhenrong Shih), was also honorably present to make a speech. He first said that the ideas of challenge, renovation and value creation are the guidelines of his business life. He shared his love of challenging predicaments and actively pursue renovation and creating new values, and loves to serve for others.

He encouraged youths to bravely accept difficulties in life and challenge them with no fear of failure. "Failure and difficulty will simply enrich your life in the end." Besides loving challenges, he said 'serving others' is also of significant value. "They'll certainly do positive acts in return for your kindness and unselfishness," he stressed.

The program was rather interesting and inspirational. The five-day event inspired the compassion and enthusiasm toward life in the hearts of all young students.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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