Ground Breaking ceremony for new Baoyun Monastery

The Baoyun Monastery’s groundbreaking ceremony was held on 9 January 2011. Abbot President, Venerable Guo Dong, Taichung City Mayor, Mr Jason Hu and Changhua County Government Magistrate, Mr Boyuan Zhuo, were present for celebration.

The Abbot President began by thanking Taichung City Hall and Taichung’s community for their strong support in the construction of Baoyun Monastery.

He explained that the decision to rebuild the existing Taichung Monastery into the brand new Baoyun Monastery supports their vision of offering professional services and better programs for Taichung people.

“In the future, Baoyun Monastery will continue to focus on educating the public in areas of Chan meditation, the Six Ethics of the Mind and Spiritual Environmentalism,” the Abbot President announced.

Extending his support for the construction of Baoyun Monastery, the Mayer of Taichung also expressed his belief that the new monastery will be the “pure land” of Taichung, enabling the people of central Taiwan to get a taste of the dharma whilst learning to purify their mind.

Following the groundbreaking ceremony, senior volunteers slowly circled the Taichung City Hall carrying the three Buddha statues, a proceeding which symbolizes blessings to the city of Taichung from Dharma Drum Mountain.

The event ended with a Refuge-Taking ceremony, where over five hundred people took refuge in the three jewels and vowed to follow the Spiritual Environmentalism to ‘build a pure land on earth’.

The inauguration of Baoyun Monastery is scheduled to take place in three years.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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