Embrace Spiritual Contentment, Stride Forth to Years of Good Fortune

The first sign of hope in 2011 silently repelled the darkness of the chilly winter in 2010, bringing afresh brightness and energy to everyone. In welcoming the beginning of a new year, Dharma Drum Mountain sincerely wishes everyone is “Content with a Blessed Life”, living a joyful life of dedication and gratitude in the year 2011.

In his blessings, the Abbot President of Dharma Drum Mountain, Venerable Guo Dong, explained that Dharma Drum Mountain’s theme for the New Year, “Content with a Blessed Life” is a continuation of last year’s theme “Peace, Harmony and Abundance”, in hopes that through practice we can embrace others, cherish our blessings, be content and happy. Furthermore, we can share our gratitude and happiness with others by contributing to society.

What is “Content with a Blessed Life”? The Abbot President quoted the late Venerable Master Sheng Yen’s wisdom saying that fortune, health, status and power for which most people wish for do not equate to happiness. The true meaning of happiness is “Peace is Blessing”. Whether one is at peace may well be linked to the external environment, yet the decisive factor lies in one’s subjective, self-centered mindset. A mindset that is insatiable will never obtain happiness, it is like finding a needle in the haystack.

To live with contentment is to be “content with plenty, with very few or with nothing” This is a requirement for finding peace and happiness. If one always works hard regardless of one’s possessions, there is no need to compare with others, the past or the future.

A truly content person has a stable mind because he knows when to advance or retreat. He does not complain when he needs to retreat and is always grateful for the good times. He always works in a steadfast manner, makes things right or even better through repentance and reflection. A truly blessed person is one who lives with contentment and few desires.

Eternal blessings lie in a contented mind. Dharma Drum Mountain extends its blessing to all Dharma upholders and everyone in the world. In welcoming the year 2011, may everyone stride forth to a year of “Content with a Blessed Life”.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by Agnes Chow & Jessica Chow)

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