My experience of practice at the Hong Kong Book Fair

The annual Hong Kong Book Fair was held on July 23 to 29, 2008 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai. DDM Hong Kong Branch set up an exhibition booth in that period.

The DDM Hong Kong Branch, together with all the volunteers, joined this book fair to promote the Buddha dharma. At the same time, all the volunteers would like to have a chance to experience the adoption of C’han methods to do their voluntary work. Therefore, everyone maintained their mind at ease and did their best to achieve good results.

On that day when I was on duty, the Convener of DDM Hong Kong branch, Kwok Wing-on came to our booth to boost our morale. I was asked to count the money in the donation box. I found that there were a few HK $500 notes and there were a lot of HK $100 notes. I was deeply moved by gratefulness and shame. I was grateful to those who had a good heart to donate so much. They practiced acts of the Paramita in donation. They neither sought fame nor reward. They did not even expect to be spotted by just silently putting the money into the donation box. Their virtuous conduct demonstrated to us their perfect good heart and equanimity. On the other hand, I was ashamed. Having read a number of books written by Shifu, I set myself the goal to practice Buddha dharma in daily life. I also pledged to guard against miserliness during the recitation of Bodhisattva vows. However I failed to follow their examples to give away my properties as generously as they did. Therefore, when I counted the money, I felt repentance and vowed to learn from those anonymous yet generous donors.

Throughout the book fair, I tried my best to put into practice what our dharma brothers asked me to do in spreading the words of Buddha and practicing C’han meditation. I sincerely cherished this opportunity to become a volunteer for the book fair and I had learnt a lot from my experience.

(contributed by Fu Chang-Sheng, volunteer at DDM Hong Kong Branch)

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