DDYBS Singapore Hosts One-Day Outdoor Activities at Sentosa

Dharma Drum Young Buddhist Society Singapore (DDYBS Singapore) held their first outdoor event at the internationally recognized Resort Sentosa on 23 September 2007, after long and thorough planning.

In the early morning, a number of youth volunteers were on location preparing for the day's activities, while other volunteers were stationed at the bus station to conduct roll calls and to give out instructions. By 8:30am everyone safely arrived at Sentosa. Twenty three youths participated on the day, bringing with them anticipation and excitement.

Participants first enjoyed a wonderful breakfast prepared by Pei Ling, followed by a self introduction activity. It began with the coordinator of DDM Singapore, Shi-yu Hsieh introducing herself to the rest of the group, with participants each taking turn in introducing themselves. As most were only meeting each other for the first time, some were a little shy to say more than their name.

The Eight Form Moving Meditation was introduced to warm up the body and relax the mind. Although it was the first time for some participants, everyone maintained a concentration in learning and following the instructors.

A game of 'Search for Shapes' was initiated in order to encourage everyone to further get to know one another. The punishment for the losing party was to have their face drawn with color paint. The hilarious game soon drew everyone closer.

This was followed by a bike riding activity, a wonderful way to appreciate Sentosa Island. After an hour of cycling around the island, and it was time for lunch, where the delicious fried rice and moon cakes kindly prepared by Pei Ying ran out very quickly.

After lunch, participants began with Chan practice of sitting meditation followed by a 'Holding of the Water Bowl' activity. Through these activities, participants were quick to realize that to truly calm the mind to the point of reaching inner peace was not at all an easy task. It was interesting and inspiring especially for those who were experiencing these Chan activities for the very first time.

Pei Yi and Hwai Wei entertained everybody and played three beautiful Buddhist songs on the guitar. Two of the three songs were composed by Pei Yi. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful melodies.

The day concluded with Pei Yi giving out a Venerable Master Sheng Yen English publication of 'Orthodox Chinese Buddhism', together with a handmade bookmark and a key ring to each participant, on behalf of DDYBS Singapore as a token of warmth and care.

(article contributed by DDM Singapore & translated by Lin Liting/edited by Jin Yang & DDM Australia Editing Team)

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