DDMSWCF initiates emergency relief programs in southern Taiwan

On August 9 2009 Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan, continuing for a period of 3 days. The damages inflicted, particularly to southern provinces of Taiwan, were catastrophic.

In the attempt to assist with recovery from the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot, Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) quickly initiated emergency relief programs.

These programs focused particularly on offering sufferers of the typhoon temporary relief measures, such as the provision of drinking water, sleeping bags and lunch boxes on a daily basis.

DDMSWCF’s Vice Secretary General Chang Fa said DDMSWCF’s abundant experience in providing emergency relief in the past will assist victims in acquiring drinking water, food and necessary amenities.

DDMSWCF will continue their relief efforts in collaboration with local governments, to provide relief services and to assist in the cleanup of dirt and litter left by the Typhoon Morakot.

(by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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