DDM Sangha Community Accolades the Public for their Upholding and Assistance

With the attendance of over 30,000 faithful followers, the Commemoration and Ash-Burial Ceremony of the Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen were stately convened at the Eco-Friendly Memorial Garden of Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education in the afternoon of 15 February 2009, following the end to the 12-Day Solemn Buddhist rituals immediately pursuant to the Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen’s passing on 3 February 2009.

Commenced on 3 February were a series of Buddhist rituals the DDM Sangha community initiated and sustained including Vow Making, Benevolence Repaying of the Master and Buddha-name Recitation at the DDM World Center for Buddhist Education and at branch locations island-wide and abroad.

Each step of the progression beginning with the Encoffining Ceremony on 6 February all the way up until the Commemoration and Ash-Burial Ceremony, including the ceremonies and Buddhist rituals held in the 12-day period, were all in line with the will left prior by the Master. Under the Master's compassionate teachings through the wisdom of Dharma, the DDM Sangha community humbly performed the solemn Buddhist rituals in remembrance of him.

The DDM Sangha community thanked and praised the public, the press, the disciples and the faithful followers from around the globe who were concerned, who upheld the DDM vision and who assisted in the events during this period. Due to the warm support and attendance received, the rituals held for the Master were not mere solemnities but reverberations with all corners of society facilitating the further propagation of the Master and closing the gap for more to enjoy the pleasure of Dharma.

In their efforts to fulfill Master Sheng Yen's compassion for the world, the DDM Sangha community will take every endeavor to carry on the Master's spirit and legacy, "the universe may one day perish yet my vows are eternal." They also aim to promote the Master's compassionate vow in "uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth."

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