DDM signs up projects for the reconstruction of Xiushui Township in Sichuan

On the morning of 21 August 2008, chief leader of Dharma Drum Mountain relief team, Venerable Guo Pin and Deputy Abbot President of DDM signed contracts with officials of Xiushui Township of Sichuan Province in China. The contracts will see to the reconstruction of First Xiushui Elementary School and the Xiushui Health Center expected to be completed within one and half years.

The reconstruction projects aim to build safe, high-quality and beautiful surroundings suitable for education along with medical facilities for residents of Xiushui Township where residents have suffered seriously from the deadly earthquake earlier this May. Seventy percent of buildings in this town were completely crushed.

Although the school buildings were destroyed, around 1,800 students of the First Xiushui Elementary School were safe from the deadly earthquake which reportedly took 200 lives and left 2,000 wounded. Students are now placed in temporary shelters to continue their education.

DDM's donation of RMB$15 million will be used to rebuild the First Xiushui Elementary School consisting of teaching buildings, dining halls, an athletic field, and dormitories for students and teachers. Architectural engineers of DDM will safeguard the quality of the new school.

With an additional RMB$16 million donation, DDM is looking forward to serving residents of Xiushui in qualified medical facilities through the reconstruction of Xiushui Health Center. The new center will include a Public Hygiene Hall, Medical Hall, Ordinary and Special Wards.

Venerable Guo Pin said that education and medication are the most important matters for Xiushui residents. In a compassionate manner, DDM aims to give people in need timely and best possible service.

(translated by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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