DDM brings joy and medical care to victims in Sichuan

Dharma Drum Mountain Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) has dispatched its fourth relief team to quake-affected regions in Sichuan province since the recent earthquake. Survivors of the earthquake welcomed DDM's relief team comprising of medical personnel along with young and energetic members of Dharma Drum Youth Buddhist Society (DDYBS), learning and contributing immensely in the process.

Members of DDYBS worked well with monks and DDM medical professionals, relishing the opportunity to practice compassionate acts. The youths aided quake survivors through erecting tents and helping elderly survivors with medical prescriptions. Some volunteers acted as babysitters to care for orphans while others took on the role of tutors, assisting school children with their studies.

The Leader of DDYBS, Mr Chun-Guo Chen, feels he has learned much from his experience in Sichuan. Living without the basic necessities of electricity and tap water made a great impression on him. Mr Chen could not wait to share his experiences and reflections with others to remind us to cherish our precious human life and not idly waste it.

DDM medical professionals have worked tirelessly in the affected regions. Dr. Zhau-Wei Lo from Hong Kong helped save a patient who had suffered a heart attack. Another medico, Dr. Tsai from Taiwan, journeyed to remote Mienyan County where he treated a three-year-old child and made a dawn visit to diagnose a patient who was on the brink of death.

Every member of the relief team has made wholehearted efforts in Sichuan province. Venerable Guo Pin and Venerable Chang Di taught that the team should practice mindfully and compassionately in the present moment. "Busy but happy, tired but joyful" was indeed the team's common aspiration.

(translated by Lin Li-Ting/edited by Jin Yang & DDM Australia Editing Team)

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