DDM makes a first breakthrough in bringing relief to southern coastal region of Myanmar

Following a 15-day humanitarian relief mission in the cyclone-struck region of Myanmar, the second Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) relief team returned home on 8 June 2008. This relief team, sent by DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation, included Mr Hsiung Yin-Hui, Mr Yang Yao-Chie, Miss Lee I-Chien, Miss Huang Mei-Su and Mr Yang Ren-Xian (Jin Yang).

With assistance from the Myanmar government, the team successfully donated five water purifier sets to local shelters in the southern region of the Irrawaddy Delta. This enabled over five thousand people to enjoy cleaner water for drinking, washing and even cooking.

Although the transportation of relief supplies to remote villages was extremely difficult due to the high cost of transportation and hazardous roads, critical supplies such as tents, medication, drinking water, mosquito nets, cooking oil, rice, blankets and slippers were successfully delivered to villages located around townships of Wakema, Monjho, Pathein, south of the Irrawaddy Delta. Most importantly, every team member was proud when they heard from local villagers that DDM was the first foreign humanitarian group to arrive and offer aid.

At a reception meeting on 1 June, the Chief Minister of the Social Welfare Department of Myanmar thanked DDM members for their great compassion in offering relief supplies to cyclone-affected victims and welcomed further cooperation in the future with DDM. The Minister affirmed that caring for orphans and the elderly, and the reconstruction of schools destructed by Cyclone Nargis were the priorities of the government and that they were keen to work together with DDM on improving education for children.

The leader of the relief team, Mr. Hsiung, responded that DDM Taiwan has been dedicated to education for the purpose of "uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth" for years and DDM is committed to assisting in relation to education for the cyclone-affected orphans.

In another reception meeting with officials of Hlaing Tha Yar Township on the morning of 7 June, the DDM relief team's dedication and hard work was once again recognized by local officials who were not only extremely thankful for the team's significant contributions but also welcomed future cooperation opportunities with the DDM relief team.

In extending the Buddhist value of compassion, DDM vows to continue to mobilize resources kindly donated by Taiwanese people to care for the cyclone victims. DDM hopes that those affected may soon walk out of sorrow and live in peace.

(By Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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