DDM Relief Team offer humanitarian relief in Sichuan & pray for peace

On the afternoon of 12 May 2008, a deadly earthquake struck Sichuan Province in China, leaving tens of thousands dead and many more critically injured. The number of victims is still escalating, as many are still trapped beneath rubble from collapsed buildings, and are feared dead.

With the spirit of Bodhisattva exemplifying Buddhist compassion, the Dharma Drum Social Welfare and Charity Foundation has assembled a relief team to go to the devastated region of Sichuan, via Hong Kong, on 15 May.

The relief team will bring with them NT$12 million (donated by Ruentex Group and DDM) worth of basic necessities including tents, food, medication and drinking water to meet the needs of disaster victims during this critical period.

Besides material support, the team will also provide spiritual counseling to help traumatized victims deal with the aftermath of such a large scale disaster. Venerable Guo Pin, Vice Abbot President of DDM, will lead the team on behalf of Venerable Master Sheng Yen and Venerable Guo Dong, Abbot President of DDM.

Venerable Master Sheng Yen together with Venerable Guo Dong expressed compassion and their most sincere condolences for the victims, then instructed the Foundation to offer humanitarian assistance to Sichuan.

The Master said that providing victims with urgent basic necessities at present is merely the first phase. DDM will also at its next phase, dedicate to the tasks of rebuilding water and electric facilities in affected areas, as well as helping with building temporary houses for victims.

At its last phase of the relief efforts, DDM will establish 'Peace of Mind Relief Station' as its long term commitment in caring for disaster victims in Sichuan. 'Peace of Mind Relief Station' was first created in response to the 921 earthquake which devastate Central Taiwan in 1999, subsequently other stations were successfully implemented in countries outside of Taiwan where natural disasters struck. It is the 'Mind Relief' work that DDM values and cares the most, as it works directly at easing the minds of those suffering during this most difficult time of change and uncertainty.

On 17 May, DDM will hold a Dharma Assembly at Nung Chan Temple in Taipei, to pray for peace to those who have suffered from this deadly earthquake.

(by Jin Yang/edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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